Aloha Online Ordering

NCR Aloha Online Ordering is a easy and convenient way for customer to place orders, thereby increasing customer traffic and restaurant sales. Allow orders to be placed remotely via PC or mobile device. Provide customers with instant access to menus and pricing. Orders are transmitted electronically to the stores. More Information Customers [...]


Aloha Kitchen

Aloha Kitchen adds value to kitchen operations by maximizing guest satisfaction, reducing labor costs and decreasing kitchen errors and wasted food. As the most innovative and intuitive kitchen production technology available today, Aloha Kitchen drives efficiency within table service and quick service kitchen environments. Kitchen staff is more productive and able to focus solely on [...]


Aloha Takeout

Efficiently managing the realities of your takeout and delivery operations quickly improves your speed of service and gives you the opportunity to grow beyond the walls of your business. Using Aloha Takeout, your order entry, order management production and delivery is synchronized in one tightly integrated solution. Aloha Takeout provides an innovative solution to streamline [...]


Aloha Inventory

Whether you run a quick service or table service restaurant, you understand the delicate balance required to provide excellent customer service while also keeping close control of operating costs. The Aloha Inventory solution provides easy-to-use tools to effectively manage food, beverage and paper costs allowing you to spend more time running your business. You can [...]


Aloha Mobile Payment

Increased customer awareness and rising incidences of stolen cardholder account data leading to identity theft are a major concern for operators today. Operators are looking for ways to reduce liability and safeguard their guest’s information in a way that does not increase costs or complexity. Aloha Mobile Payment is a wireless solution that offers the [...]


Aloha Loyalty

Repeat business is the lifeblood of the restaurant industry. Many successful restaurant operators are turning to electronic frequency and restaurant loyalty programs to deliver targeted rewards and incentives that stimulate repeat business and increase store traffic. The Aloha Loyalty solution delivers flexible, customizable reward and bonus programs. It also allows your organization to quickly design, [...]


Aloha Guest Manager

Providing a memorable guest experience will set you apart from your competition and keep your customers coming back. The new innovative Aloha Guest Manager solution intelligently tracks table status, reduces the time tables that are left unseated, maximizes seating efficiency and captures key guest information to help you provide personalized service. Radiant System’s Aloha Guest [...]