The Customer

How does a humble hot dog stand grow into a 21-store international burger chain in little more than a decade? While the backing of famed restaurateur Danny Meyer might have something to do with Shake Shack’s success, the chain’s team works hard to deliver a differentiated quick service dining experience. They incorporate reclaimed wood and other materials in the restaurants’ design; use fresh, high-quality
ingredients in food preparation; and promote community

with savvy use of social media and sponsorship of nonprofit events. Little wonder patrons will wait for more than an hour to order burgers and hot dogs, beer, wine, frozen custard and of course, the chain’s namesake: ice cream shakes. With high-volume operations and growth a constant, the Shake Shack management team knew that they needed to reconsider their technology platform provider. Giancarlo Fiorarancio, Director of Information Systems, explains: “We did some careful thinking about technology when I joined

Operating with Efficiency

In the front of the house, NCR Aloha systems help Shake Shack deliver a superior customer experience. At each Shake Shack, employees use three to four NCR POS terminals to process orders and payments swiftly and accurately. Staffers know that they can depend on the robust hardware and software to withstand constant daily usage. That’s essential because “when you have hundreds of customers in line, even a minute of downtime can affect your sales at that location. Feeling like we can put pressure on NCR POS terminals without having any failures is huge for our team,” says Mr. Fiorarancio.

Meanwhile, NCR’s kitchen production solution helps cooks make the most of every minute. The system routes orders, using business logic to coordinate order production and item cooking times. Shake Shack employees use an expo screen to monitor ticket times and orders, troubleshooting problems as they arise. Shake Shack also uses the tool to signal customers that their orders are ready via pager. “That is a big deal for Shake Shack, because we want our customers to have food as soon as possible, when it is in its freshest state,” remarks Mr. Fiorarancio. “NCR Aloha Kitchen creates efficiencies that enable us to serve our customers well and in a speedy manner.” The chain has seen ticket times improve since .deploying the integrated kitchen management solution.