Project Description

Aloha Configuration Center is a centralized database management application that manages Aloha Point-of-Sale configuration settings for multi-store restaurant organizations. It offers remote distribution and access capabilities through an easy-to-use .NET rich-client interface.

Aloha Configuration Center builds on the strengths of Aloha Manager and the Aloha Centralized Data Management (CDM) applications to form a new, more powerful, POS database management solution that simplifies database management and lowers the overall cost of ownership.

More Information

  • The Aloha Configuration Center .NET client provides secure access to your hosted configuration data from any location via the Internet. This hosted solution provides a single point of administration at a data center that is backed by redundant internet and database access. Network administration, data backup, server software and hardware maintenance are managed for you – allowing you to focus on your business.

  • Each user account can contain a unique set of job roles. Each job role is assigned a set of security permissions which determine the functions and options available to the user. Record-level ownership assignments enforce multiple levels of data security. Each record in the database can be assigned an ownership level which determines who can view and edit the data.

  • Each new menu item, price change or POS configuration update is synchronized with your sites through an automated distribution process.
  • Each site retrieves its database changes from the data center based on a configurable frequency and updates the appropriate terminals when a system refresh is performed or an end-of-day occurs.  Certain updates such as price changes and adding employees take effect without requiring terminals be brought down.
  • Effectively control multiple stores as well as different concepts from a centralized source. Each site receives only the data applicable to the appropriate concept.

  • Aloha Configuration Center configures all your POS data including hardware and Aloha application settings.

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