Project Description

You have made a significant investment in your technology solution. Ensuring that you can maximize that investment with interfaces to existing technology and new niche market solutions is a top concern.

Aloha Connect provides a structured framework for you to extend the capabilities of your Aloha solution, add breadth to your technology and meet your business needs today and in the future. Leveraging language-neutral development tools to extend Aloha’s rich functionality to other applications, Aloha Connect Licensees can seamlessly integrate approved third party applications to their Aloha solution.

More Information

  • Providing a total technology solution and a means to meet critical niche business needs is the core focus of Aloha Connect. The structured approach to integration provides clients with the confidence of working with an authorized member of the Aloha Connect Community.

As a Radiant client with the Aloha solution, you have options to consider when introducing complimentary technology:

  • Leverage relationships with industry leading preferred partners that are members of the Aloha Connect Development Community.
  • Introduce a new business partner to the Aloha Connect program to work with you and Radiant to develop functionality meeting your requirements.
  • Create your own strategy for integration, using Aloha Connect development tools to create custom software interfaces in-house.
  • The Aloha Connect open framework facilitates run-time bi-directional data communication and control between Aloha solutions and other external systems; helping to promote efficient data flow and provide operational enhancements to your business.
  • By providing a proven means for solution integration, you are protecting your technology investment and ensuring that the value of existing and emerging technology is maximized.

  • Aloha Configuration Center configures all your POS data including hardware and Aloha application settings.

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