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Aloha Loyalty

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Project Description

Repeat business is the lifeblood of the restaurant industry. Many successful restaurant operators are turning to electronic frequency and restaurant loyalty programs to deliver targeted rewards and incentives that stimulate repeat business and increase store traffic.

The Aloha Loyalty solution delivers flexible, customizable reward and bonus programs. It also allows your organization to quickly design, roll-out and manage effective restaurant loyalty programs that will not only attract new customers, but also turn your existing customer base into “ideal customers” who have the purchasing habits that will drive topline growth for your restaurant.

How does NCR make building guest loyalty easier?

Multiple Program Options: Choose a program that is the best fit for your business and for your customers. Reward your guests based on their spend amount, number of visits, or items they’ve purchased. Randomly reward guests with lottery rewards program or target a specific group of people with smart rewards. Assign points per item or per dollar for reward accruement

Flexible Rewards: Customizable rewards that help you sell more, to more customers, more often. Provide a percentage or dollar-amount discount reward on the guest’s check at time of purchase. Generate a printed voucher on the receipt for use on a future visit or add value to the guest’s stored value card. Give bonus rewards by increasing value to items during specific times of day, enabling you to drive increased traffic and sales.

Effective Marketing: Collect valuable customer data to focus your marketing and social media efforts. Promote higher margin items to a captive audience. Provide rewards or bonuses for customer life events, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Integration with NCR stored value card solution enhances brand value and further drives guest retention.

Effortless Management: Plan in advance promotion schedules and triggered events such as light-night menu club, double credit during certain hours, etc. Ability to limit the daily use of loyalty card by needing manager approval after two swipes. Control and track the amount of meal discounts employees can receive in a given timeframe. Access to reports that track member standings

Customer Engagement: Integration with NCR Customer Voice allows guests to provide valuable feedback regarding their experience. Engage your loyal customers outside of your restaurant through integration with your restaurant’s website or a link to your Facebook page. Enable your guests to register their loyalty cards online via Memberlink

Solving Problems

Rewards are automatically applied when earned

Convert unhappy customers to happy customers and target to your best customers to increase sales or influence decisions

Motivate your guests to visit your restaurant again

Record all purchases and visits tied to a specific guest

Provide incentives for customers to reach certain levels of spend or visits.

Allows you to effortlessly market to and engage your customers in order to drive repeat business.

Guests satisfaction and visibility – building customer loyalty has never been so easy.

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How others have benefited from NCR Aloha Loyalty

“Using NCR Aloha Loyalty, our net revenue of purchases from Premier Club members has increased 8.8 percent annually for the past three years, and we are on track to have more than $1 million in revenue from loyalty club purchases this year.”

Tim McMahon, Director of Operations
McLoone Management

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