Project Description

Increased customer awareness and rising incidences of stolen cardholder account data leading to identity theft are a major concern for operators today. Operators are looking for ways to reduce liability and safeguard their guest’s information in a way that does not increase costs or complexity.

Aloha Mobile Payment is a wireless solution that offers the ability to process credit, signature debit, and gift card payments while at a customer’s table or other convenient point of service. Aloha Mobile Payment helps savvy operators exceed their guest’s expectations for security while delivering an increased speed of service to tableside and curbside operations.

More Information

  • Increase table turns, capacity and restaurant profits.
  • Shorten the number of trips required by the server per transaction.
  • Optimized interface allows staff to quickly learn and use device.
  • Reduce perceived and actual wait time for tables and check settlement.
  • Decrease customer fears and show proactive response to the threat of identity theft.
  • Create up sell opportunities through gift card sales at the table while accepting payment.
  • Provide the flexibility to pay anywhere, including tableside and curbside.
  • Reduce opportunity for fraud.
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