Project Description

Efficiently managing the realities of your takeout and delivery operations quickly improves your speed of service and gives you the opportunity to grow beyond the walls of your business. Using Aloha Takeout, your order entry, order management production and delivery is synchronized in one tightly integrated solution.

Aloha Takeout provides an innovative solution to streamline take-away and curbside operations and incorporates the tools needed to manage deliveries to remote locations. Extending Aloha’s feature-rich Quick Service and Table Service applications, your staff can now focus on smooth restaurant operations and superior guest service.

More Information

  • Reduce call times and increase order-taking capacity using fast customer look-up capabilities.
  • Search automatically against six different fields increasing the likelihood the correct customer is located on the first attempt.
  • Replace unreliable manual processes with automated tracking and production of scheduled orders.
  • Release future orders automatically to production at the correct date and time.
  • Locate and edit future orders quickly and easily with powerful freeform search.
  • Optimize your delivery operations with integrated mapping, printed driver itineraries and single-touch driver assignment.
  • Generate optimized, multi-stop route maps in less than one second.
  • Print driver itineraries with turn-by-turn directions from your POS printer.
  • Associate Aloha Loyalty and payment information with guest records for faster service on subsequent orders.
  • Improve order efficiency by automatic assignment of Loyalty bonus plan credit and rewards to customer orders.
  • Decrease transaction times for repeat customers by securely storing payment information.
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