Project Description

Aloha Command Center is a dynamic support tool that enables unbeatable levels of service for your site systems. Aloha Command Center monitors the status of each server and terminal in real-time.

Proactive alerts allow many issues to be resolved before they impact your operations. Advanced security features allow remote access to your sites for problem resolution while protecting your systems and guest data. Aloha Command Center quickly and efficiently manages the technical realities of your hospitality technology, allowing your staff to focus on restaurant operations and guest service.

More Information

  • Real-time monitoring means fewer issues and faster resolutions. The health of both hardware and software is automatically and continuously sent to the Help Desk where it is evaluated to ensure optimal performance and up-time.

  • Site security settings are continuously monitored and our Help Desk is automatically notified if changes that compromise site security are made.

  • Proactive alerts to the Help Desk allow many issues to be resolved before they impact site operations. Proper ongoing maintenance of site systems reduces the frequency of site issues and decreases the time required to resolve those that do occur.

  • All actions taken at your site are automatically logged and tracked to a specific authorized user. The Electronic Journal function can be used to investigate transaction-related events at the site.

  • Powerful support features allow remote support staff to quickly diagnose issues without causing additional disruption to staff and operations. Corrective actions can be taken without the need to temporarily take over servers and terminals.

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