Project Description

For ordering efficiency in the hospitality industry.

Faster. More reliable. More versatile.

More Information

  • Housing made of high-quality plastic with a metal frame (magnesium). Highly durable cover glass to protect the display.
  • Protection type: IP67 (dust-proof and water-tight for up to 30 minutes). Impact resistant: several drops from height of 4 feet onto granite floor.
  • 5-inch HD display with 24-bit color depth.
  • Maximum brightness: 450 cd/m².
  • LED backlighting, manually and automatically adjustable.
  • High-resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels.
  • On button and two capacitive buttons.
  • Buttons positioned on side of unit for frequently used functions (configurable based on software).
  • Device status LED.
  • Cleverly positioned notification LEDs (colors and functions are software-dependent).

Orderman Secure Radio:

  • SRD band 433 MHz 1 mW or SRD band 915 MHz 1 mW.
  • Range of up to 160 feet indoors and up to 980 feet outdoors.
  • Area coverage inside buildings up to 25,590 ft²

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